Why Mobile Broadband is Frustrating

Wireless data relies on 40-year-old technology that wasn’t built for a mobile world. CDNs are good at solving problems on the Internet backbone, but they can’t help with performance over the mobile broadband. Contention, motion, plus interference from buildings and other devices, keep precious data from arriving. Fortunately, there’s a cure for these problems — Kwicr’s Mobile Delivery Network. Our service improves the quality of rich media playback and is a cinch to deploy.

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Kwicr Dramatically Improves the Performance of any Mobile App

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Mobile app users have little patience for spinning wheels, buffering, or other performance problems. Frustrated users abandon applications after just a few seconds — many never to return. That’s why, for any business whose revenue, reputation or customer retention is tied to mobile user experience, monitoring and management of that experience is crucial.

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